Sausage Making Day at DeBortoli

Heath and Harry get down to business making the most amazing sausages. Check out our video of the prep work, and then get into making these yourself!

You’ll need:
  • Non iodised salt
  • whole fennel seeds
  • Ground black pepper
  • ground fennel
  • aromatic chili
  • A splash of DeBortoli Windy Peak Cab Merlot



3 kg pork meat (coarsely minced)
1 kg pork fat (coarsely minced)
95grams salt
black pepper (crushed)
dried hot chilli flakes to taste
fennel seeds, whole or minced, to taste
sausage casings

1. Mix meat, salt, pepper, chilli, fennel seeds, and together.

2. Prepare the sausage casings by rinsing them thoroughly so that all the salt that they have been sitting in has been washed away.

3. You will need an attachment on your mincer for filling the salami. When filling the casings, it is important that they be filled until they are quite firm and that there are no air pockets remaining that could cause them to go mouldy. Prick any air pockets that do exist with a needle.

4. Once filled, the salami should be hung in an airy garage or a cellar for at least 6 weeks and up to 3 months, depending on where they are hung. The salami will start to shrink and will feel firm to the touch this is a good sign they are ready. They can be left hanging beyond 3 months, but will become increasingly drier and harder. Once taken down, salami should be stored in the bottom of your fridge.

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