Cook a Perfect Lamb Roast

The Sunday Lunch favourite. How to prepare and cook a Lamb Roast perfectly though? Cameron McKenzie shows us how.

4 Responses to Cook a Perfect Lamb Roast

  1. I enjoyed this video It’s kept simple & easy & the one great thing about cameron is he explains the process as well as explain why he is doing it that way.So many cooking shows & chefs in the media only show the process & not the reasons why things are cooked or prepared a certain way..keep the good work up guys.

  2. Great video – what an easy & great way to cook a leg of lamb & have a beautiful roast. Explained well & looks delicious, can’t wait to try it myself, keep up the good work son. Dad

  3. I cook a lamb roast every couple of weeks in the winter and got some great tips from this clip. The room temperature tip along with lying the roast on a bed of carrots, garlic etc is a really good idea which I will try out on Sunday.

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